Rules for typing voice in Bengali on mobile

At present information technology is so advanced that typing in Bengali is no longer a hassle.

There used to be a time when a person used to get tired of typing but now with the advancement of technology this previous hardship has gone away.

Now whatever you say in your mouth will be written directly in English including Bengali.

Voice keybord bangla

I am going to show you a nice trick. So welcome to my one more new post.

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Advantages of Bangla Voice Typing:

By Bangla Voice Typing you must have understood that whatever you say in your mouth will be written correctly in Bengali.

You don’t have to get tired of typing to write orally.

As a result, you will feel more comfortable typing because it will not be a problem for you.

Writing in voice typing will reduce both your time and labor as you will write orally so your writing will be fast and accurate.

If your phone has a full network, the text will win as soon as you say it will depend on the mobile network.

Rules for typing voice in Bengali:

I am showing you how to do voice typing in Bengali,

For that you have to go to Google Play Store first.

Download this app from there.

Install from the Play Store

Then open the app.

After opening, the following interface will appear and you will see a button called Enable Keybord.

Click on this button to turn it on from settings.

Then look at a button that says 7 Select Keyboard Click this button to select the keyboard that you have installed.

For example, I have selected Bangali voice keyboard.

Then another interface will appear. Select Bangla here.

Now that you have finished your keyboard setup, see how to type with voice.

First you go to write something.

Then look at the top left of the keyboard, there is a microphone icon, click on it and grant microphone access.

Now whatever you say will be written directly in Bengali.

And if you want to write in English with voice, then take the keyboard in English.

You must have an internet connection to type with voice.

So how did you like my tutorial today?

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