How to create avatar with Messenger. Without any type of apps

Assalamu alaikum friends, I hope everyone is very good by the grace of God. I am also very good in your prayers.

Today I will show you how to make avatar with messenger. This tool was not there recently, it was added a few days ago. Many may not have seen this post. Even if you don’t see the post, you should know that since you are wearing it, thank you very much.

So let’s hope not to talk too much.

I will leave messenger first.

When Messenger opens, I will click on the profile.

Now you will get an option called avatar. Now I will click on avatar.

Now I will click make you avatar. And yes, I hope you can create the same avatar here.

Now select the skin as you like. If you are male then select male character skin. If female, select female character skin.

Since I am a boy, I selected the male character.

Now you can style your hair as you like. There are many hair styles.

Now you can also do hair color. There are many colors.

Here is the face shape you can take the face shape as you like.

Here is the complexion. Choose complexion as you like.

Now there are lines. Choose lines like yours.

Now shape the eye as you wish.

Choose eye color as you like.

Choose eyebrows as you like.

You can have eyebrows color as you wish.

Take eyewear.

Eyewear color

There are many choices to choose from.

Mouth will add as you like.

Mouth color is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. I don’t see much boys.

Facial hair is given a lot. Apply as you wish.

Facial hair color Many people have some color for styling.

Body shape will choose the body as you like.

If you can wear something colorful with body shape, then you will need Zaka Naka, so some outfits have been given.

Headwear If you don’t wear headwear in winter, tell me how it looks, so you can take whatever you want for free.

Some accessories are provided such as:


Nose ring


So let’s hope the nose ring.

What did Bindi do wrong? Let’s hope so

So this is the accessories created by avatar with messenger

I made this avatar like me.

So, if there is any mistake in writing till today, you will see it with a look of forgiveness.



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