Top 10 Best PUBG Mobile Player In Bangladesh And Biography

Who is the best PUBG Mobile Player In BD


Best pubg mobile player in Bangladesh and biography


Here today we will discuss about most popular and Best PUBG Mobile Player In Bangladesh And Their Biography 2021.

Top 10 Bangladeshi Best Pubg mobile esports players their skills, gameplay, and big tournaments or scrims game play etc have been considered here.
I will provide, Bangladeshi Top 10 Best pubg Mobile players and their biography, social media channel.


Top 10 PUBG Mobile E-sports Players In Bangladesh

  • Badrev
  • Ssrafat
  • Sinister
  • Magnet
  • Steelshot
  • RxJax
  • Kapshi
  • SalluYT
  • Dante
  • 6Nin3

Best PUBG Mobile Player In Bangladesh And Biography


Badrev Best PUBG Mobile Player In Bangladesh

Debaindra Talukder Revan known as ‘Badrev’ or ‘Nadrev’ is the Best PUBGM Player In Bangladesh from Rangamati.Badrev currently plays for 7Sea Gremlin Storm.Badrev is the best frag grenader.


Approx. Total Earnings: $5,481

Role : Assaulter

Youtube : Badrev

FB : Badrev

Birthday : 26 October



Ssrafat Best PUBG mobile player in Bangladesh

Rafat Hossain Known as SSRafat. SSRafat is the PUBG Mobile best player and best IGL in Bangladesh.SSRafat, At first he was on the venom legend team, later came to the 7sea gremlin storm.


Role : Assulter,IGL

Youtube : SsRafat Gaming

FB : SsRafat Gaming

Birthday : 3 October



A1 Esports sinister Best Pubg mobile player in Bangladesh

MD Abdul Jabbar Sakil known as ‘Sinister‘. PUBG Mobile Player.Sinister is the best assulter and best IGL in Bangladrsh. Sinister currently plays for A1 Esports Team.


Approx. Total Earnings: $10,906

Team : A1 Esports

Role : Assaulter, IGL

Birthday : 19 February

Youtube : Sinister Plays

FB : Sinister Plays



Future station 1952 magnet

Raduan Hossain Siam known as ‘MagneT‘. Magnet is the best In game leader – IGL. MagneT was A1 Esports 1952,Currently plays for Future Station 1952.

Approx. Total Earnings: $3,502

Role: IGL

Youtube : MagneT

FB: MagneT




Venom legend steelshot

Ifran Arib Known as ‘SteelShot‘.SteelShot is the best PUBGM Esports Player in Bangladesh. Currently, he plays for Venom Legends.


Role : Assaulter

Team : Venom Legends

Youtube : SteelShot Gaming

FB: SteelShot Gaming

Birthday : 28 September


RxJax – Best PUBG Mobile Player Player In Bangladesh

A1 Esports rxjax

Shah Hasanuzzaman Ovi Known as ‘RxJax‘.RxJax is the best PUBG Mobile assaulter in Bangladesh from A1 Esports.


Approx. Total Earnings: $10,721

Role: Assaulter

Youtube: RxJax Gaming

FB: RxJax Gaming

Birthday : 31 July



Mr.Kapshi 7sea gremlin storm

Aminul Haque Rahat Known as ‘Kapshi‘. Kapshi Is the best Streamer and PUBG Esports player in Bangladesh, Kapshi as a Assaulter.He was INES, but Currently plays for 7sea Grimilin Storm.

Approx. Total Earnings:$4,250

Role : Assaulter

Youtube: Mr.Kapshi

FB : Mr.Kapshi

Birthday : 18 April




Ines sallu YT

Wasif Salman Known as ‘SalluYT‘.SalluYT currently plays for INES Team as a IGL and assaulter.

Role : IGL

Birthday : 18 January

Youtube : Sallu YT

FB : Sallu YT



A1 Esports dante

Naoman Al Rafid Durlov Known as Dante.Dante Is a Entry Fragger, Supporter. Currently Dante Plays for A1 Esports.


Approx. Total Earnings: $10,690

Role: Entry Fragger, Supporter

Youtube : Dante NUB

FB : Dante NubShit



A1 Esports 6nin3

Abu Hasnat Alavi Known as ‘6nin3‘.6ninel3 is the best PUBG Mobile Assaulter.Currently, he plays for A1 Esports.


Approx. Total Earnings:$12,489

Role : Assaulter

Youtube : 6nin3

FB : 6nin3




Note: All Information collected from google and social media.


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